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Do you have a treasured place, scene, object,....that you would love to transform into an original acrylic painting to be placed on your wall and enjoyed for years to come?  

Do you see a piece of original art on my site but think that with a few details altered it would be really perfect for you? 

Would you like to give a truly meaningful and original gift?


A commissioned artwork provides a creative way to show your passion for the subject matter and for art.  To start all you need is some idea or a photograph , small sketch of what you would like to paint !  

Don’t worry, based on our conversations during the process I can make changes to the scene in the final canvas.  

How do commissions work?

  1. The best way to start is to contact me by e-mail .In your e-mail it would be great from U to include a photo (or two), or a small sketch, image and a description of why you are considering the commission of an original artwork

  2. Select what size canvas is the best for you and for where you intend to display the finished product( a photo of the place could help me to imagine more where it is meant to be hanged(living room, kidsroom, bedroom,kitchen, office,. ...) I use standard size 100% cotton canvases, professional acrylic paints. Upon scene and detail approval I require a 50% deposit to buy all the materials needed for painting .  The remaining balance is due after final approval of the painting by photograph prior to shipping.

  3. I like to involve you along the way by providing progress photos and status updates.

  4. Commissions typically take at least a month to render and will require 1-2 weeks to dry before shipping.  If you have a tighter deadline, we can work together to determine a mutually agreeable delivery date.

View some of my commissioned artworks :

Martin and Mariola, a very nice couple contacted me and they wished to have a big painting on their empty white wall in the living room.

Because they live close to my city, I visited them to see the interior and together we picked the best scene,identified a few details to create the suitable painting for them called " LOVE TOUCH "  

After delivering the final artwork  they just told me “woooow Jarka, we are so amazed, so much thank U .....”

and this year they have ordered another painting from me for their relatives as a present.

Ivan, a single man from Germany, wanted something special for his bedroom.He didn´t have any idea what , just told me, that he would wish to have there a woman,a  beautiful and sexy woman, which would fullfilled his dream. So he sent me the photo of his bedroom to see the design, colours, and so on...After making a deal I started to work on the piece and created this "sexy" woman only for HIM. Upon receiving the finished piece, Ivan wrote to tell me, “I guess I didn’t know what to expect but this exceeds my expectations.”

And guess what happened in just one year later??? He found his dream woman and got married happily!!! What an amazing gift for me that I could help him and the dream came true !!!! What a magic, wooow :-)

Khemais, an owner of a disco club,called me before opening his new coctail bar in caribean style, that he would wish to have something original on the walls in his new bar.So after our consultations, I painted these paintings for him-"Caribean girls" and "Sunset in Caribean" :-).

He was really satisfied and during the opening show he mentioned on TV, that

if he knew my artwork before, he would designed everything with only my paintings. I am very thanskful for that :-)

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