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CORPORATE MANDAL OF ABUNDANCE, WEALTH  and SUCCESS to support business  is made of  tailored to a specific client in the company according to individual needs and wishes  for successful business and business is. It supports with its vibrations and energy  business of its owner and brings positive impulses and results to the business. It supports a stable and sufficient source of income, satisfaction and honest profit.  It brings new successful opportunities and ideas, promotes patience, ingenuity, flexibility and provides positive energy to successfully overcome obstacles, persevere and move forward. In case of problems, the mandala can support   "healing" processes of your business, or "show" you  new direction .  Supports  the influx of new business partners, ... reliable responsible collaborators , or will help "get rid" of old dysfunctional stereotypes, relationships, certain energy blocks… obstacles, ... This mandala is formed in this wonderful combination of colors, where  GOLD  is a color  a radiant sense of happiness and success. Gold literally attracts happiness, success, money, wealth, ... great clientele, co-workers ... .. abundance of everything positive in business  . Supports  stable and sufficient source of income, satisfaction and fair profit. It returns the "lost" energy to the company, the necessary inspiration, optimism, creativity, helps to gain wisdom in important negotiations, decisions, ..... self-confidence, inner strength, courage. It is strong  energizing color of the highest values , nobility, transforms knowledge and  understanding, helps to manage all uncertainties, also frees from feelings of frustration, inferiority or uselessness, supports inducing a feeling of relaxed positive atmosphere, to gain clarity of mind. results ... and the team  harmonize and support new impulses, overall growth of business and career.  Gold makes anything valuable, precious and desirable. KRÁĽOVSKÁ  BLUE  is a color   wealth, career and success . Note that rich companies and financial institutions often have this color in their logos. They thus build their own wealth and success  Feng Shui, wealth is not measured by the "amount" of money. Wealth means a stable and sufficient source of income, satisfaction and honest profit. In addition to financial abundance  he also talks about  spiritual wealth of man. K  Success includes those results of the effort for which one makes sufficient effort. Blue is also the color of balance, well-being, patience, faith, hope, ... it helps to make better decisions, it builds self-confidence.  BLACK  on the corporate mandala is the color  protection, courage and strength.  It can help remove and get rid of everything old, unwanted in the company, so that something new, positive, attractive success, satisfaction ... abundance can be accepted ... It connects with discipline, perseverance, patience, respect, symbolizes prosperity and income in general, is great for building a career. It is the color of successful contacts  and in feng shui it acquires a positive meaning in a broader sense.  Protects against negative forces and energy. Symbol  infinite (so-called lying eight) incorporated in the mandala gives it even more strength, symbolizes infinite happiness and success in business,  abundance of everything  It attracts and at the same time maintains the great working relationships necessary to build success in the company and career. .... In the middle of the mandala, a ott flower stands out  which  is considered  for the flower of happiness.  Symbolizes energy for  a prosperous successful career and the overall growth of your business and enterprise .


... I create mandalas above all  custom: MANDALS PERSONAL, FAMILY, PARTNERSHIP, WEDDING, corporate, .... mandalas by date of birth and name, by sign, .... mandalas for children in the room, .... mandalas LOVE, HAPPY, HEALTH ,. .., Abundance of everything, HARMONY, ...... mandalas to protect, promote mental balance, love life, but also mandalas to attract wealth, prosperity, success or career support .... ...... simply  peace mandalas  according to what a person needs for life, what he wants .......)  in different colors, sizes ..... My creation mandala is  A COMPREHENSIVE process of coming from the inner sight, the perception of the "invisible" subtle energies around us,  some  "Connecting" to the higher self .... and energy connecting with you ........ and through sacred geometry, energy "laws", ..... activation of the necessary high-frequency energy codes, with a combination of suitably tuned colors, symbols, shapes ......... gradually arises  Your MANDALA.  Every single mandala I create has its own unique  energy radiation , it is original  UNIQUE, precisely reworked, composed of several 1000 to tens of 1000 dots and dots, ..... made to measure  for a specific person, couple, family, ..... according to individual needs and wishes, ...  It takes time to create to fulfill its "magical" effects.-)  therefore the price and the number of days of creation to order are individual , they depend mainly on the required size, material used, and thus the number of days to several weeks of intensive, time and energy intensive work, ..... I always devote only one mandala for a specific person, couple, family ...... on which  I supply subtle energies before and during creation, .... "I feel" and put them into the mandala  everything necessary ... until the mandala is completely finished and thus meets all its energy effects ...... To the mandala  the owner will also receive a "cover letter", ... a description of what it all contains, how to cooperate with the mandala, "communicate", ..... where to hang it, ..... so that its power is activated as much as possible


All the mandalas you see in my gallery, already have their owners, have been made to measure. The photos are for inspiration. If any of them caught your eye, don't hesitate, it's the RIGHT one  MANDALA  for you, CHOOSE you. Just write to me and we will agree everything.

I create mandalas from the smallest formats 30-35 cm to large formats 100-150 cm on high-quality cotton canvas, framed in a "blind" frame. I recommend choosing a larger format, so the vibrations of the mandala will magically stand out (see photos in the gallery) 


Before ordering and for more info, please contact me by e-mail, where we will agree on the details of the creation, THANK YOU :-)



© Jarka Fox


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