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FAMILY MANDAL OF HAPPY LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH  and Abundance of everything  is an original energy image created "tailored" to a specific family, expressing the harmonious interconnection of the energies of the whole family according to dates of birth, names, individual needs and desires and becomes literally a "family coat of arms", TALIZMAN ❤️ protects the family family, health, happiness, harmony and cohesion of family relationships. This mandala is created in a wonderful combination of colors, where pearl and silver are the colors of a radiant feeling of happiness, they attract love, happiness, .... health, harmony ... abundance of everything to the family. They supply positive energy to the home, awareness, optimism, stimulate and develop creativity, support the acquisition of wisdom, self-confidence, vitality, joy ... they bring a feeling of complete well-being. White purifies the home of negative energies. White balances and strengthens the overall positive energy flow ... provides family members with life energy, clarity of mind, mutual understanding, ... supports the achievement of life dreams ....., ... at the same time disperses negative thoughts, brings the highest level of well-being, peace and peace. He can alleviate all the pain and suffering in the family, if any, ... at the same time "cleansing" and harmonizing them. It is a symbol of faith, tenderness, faithfulness, pure feelings, devotion, trust and love. The emerald-green tones on me are the color of enormous harmonizing energy, positive thinking, health, abundance, ..... green calms, has great regenerative effects, helps to calm the mind and has a beneficial effect on human health and vitality. It is a color that supports overall health - mind, body and soul - by bringing the body into perfect balance by natural vibrations. It is a symbol of peace and hope, it also has a positive effect on all relationships - partner, family, friendly, ..... and harmonizes them. The emerald-green energy can be characterized as vitality, refreshment and balance, which strengthens the body and spirit. It supports creativity and the ability to concentrate. At the same time, emerald-green is also associated with growth, a good harvest, well-being and money. It is the color of nature, where everything is in harmony, in harmony, and when we surround it, we find ourselves again, creating a pleasant and calming environment. Due to its "freshness", it is felt as a color of physiological and mental balance. Black with anthracite on the mandala is the color of protection of the whole family, courage and strength. It is associated with discipline, perseverance, respect, and symbolizes abundance and income in general, so it is excellent in building a career, among other things. It is the color of contacts and in feng shui it acquires a positive meaning in a broader sense. .Protects family and home from negative forces and energies from outside. In the middle of the mandala blooms a lotus flower considered a flower of happiness, with symbols of connected hearts symbolizing loving energy for a prosperous happy family and marital happiness, fidelity, pure love. The symbol of infinity adds even more power to the mandala, as the horizontal figure eight symbolizes infinite happiness, love, health and the abundance of everything that is desirable for the family.

Dear friends, if you are looking for something special, whether for yourself or your loved ones in your home, a tailor-made family mandala is an ideal gift for the family for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, ... or for newlyweds as a wedding gift for their happy family life together ❤️

.... I create mandalas above all  tailored: MANDALS PERSONAL, FAMILY, PARTNERSHIP, WEDDING, corporate, .... mandalas by date of birth and name, by sign, .... mandalas for children in the room, .... mandalas LOVE, HAPPY, HEALTH ,. .., Abundance of everything, HARMONY, ...... mandalas to protect, promote mental balance, love life, but also mandalas to attract wealth, prosperity, success or career support .... ...... simply  peace mandalas  according to what a person needs for life, what he wants .......)  in different colors, sizes ..... My creation mandala is  A COMPREHENSIVE process of coming from the inner sight, the perception of the "invisible" subtle energies around us,  some  "Connecting" to the higher self .... and energy connecting with you ........ and through sacred geometry, energy "laws", ..... activation of the necessary high-frequency energy codes, with a combination of suitably tuned colors, symbols, shapes ......... gradually arises  Your MANDALA  .  Every single mandala I create has its own unique  energy radiation , it is original  UNIQUE, precisely reworked, composed of several 1000 to tens of 1000 dots and dots, ..... made to measure  for a specific person, couple, family, ..... according to individual needs and wishes, ...  It takes time to create to fulfill its "magical" effects.-)  therefore, the price and the number of days of creation to order are individual , they depend mainly on the required size, material used, and thus the number of days-weeks of intensive, time and energy-intensive work, ..... I always devote myself to creating only one mandala for a specific person, couple, family ...... on whose energy I am powered before and during creation, .... "I feel" and put everything I need into it. ..until the mandala is complete and thus meets all the energy effects .... You will also receive a tailor-made mandala  "Cover letter" - prepared directly for you, ..... description of everything, how to cooperate with your mandala, communicate, ..... where to hang it, ..... so that it can be activated as much as possible force.


All mandalas in the photos  in my gallery were made to measure  for specific families. They serve as inspiration for everyone who is considering a unique and original gift.


If you have "caught the eye" of a mandala, do not hesitate, it is the right mandala for you. She chose you with her energy :-) Just write me a message and I will create a similar, but tailor-made one for you.


Before ordering and for more info, please contact me by e-mail,  where we agree all the details for the creation , THANK YOU :-) Jarka Fox



© Jarka Fox


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