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FAMILY MANDAL OF HAPPY LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH and HARMONY  is an original energy image, created for a specific family, expressing  harmonious interconnection of the energies of the whole family according to dates of birth, names, individual needs and wishes and becomes literally  "family coat of arms", TALIZMAN.  It protects the family and maintains the warmth of home, love in the family, health, happiness, harmony and cohesion of family relationships. It is an exceptional energy  contributes to creating harmony at home.


Dear friends , if you are looking for something  EXCEPTIONALLY  to your home or wondering how extraordinary  SURPRISE  GIVE  your loved ones, family, grandparents, wife, husband, your children, girlfriend, boyfriend, ..... newlyweds, acquaintances, ... or even yourself ... on  CHRISTMAS, WEDDING, BAPTISM BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY ....  or other important days or simply out of LOVE,  gratitude, for pleasure .... Reach for the original idea and choose UNIQUE  artwork - MAGIC  MANDALU  , with LOVE formed  tailored to everyone ❤️


FAMILY MANDAL  tailor-made for a specific family, knows its vibrations  support your owners  in various aspects of being,. .. addresses its light nature , ... It can strengthen a person's strengths, awaken and develops life force, real potential, the abilities of its owner, which have been put in a wreath ...... can literally charge the home and the whole family   high frequency energy , vitality and power. When the subconscious of the "owners" of the mandala connects with the correct "programming", it may be able to change lives almost immediately ..... and it will simply begin to happen MIRACLES ❤️

The mandala created in this way can do "wonders" on all levels of the body. It is like a "cleaner" which, with its kind and peaceful radiance, dissolves all deposits. And not only those that one knows about and who wants them to be dissolved, but also those that have not yet manifested, we do not know ...., which reside deep in the soul and are the cause of various worries, afflictions, or even diseases, failures, failures .. .... mandala supports to reduce stress, fear, worries or other low-vibration emotions, ... to support their cleansing and subsequent "transformation" into high-vibration .... has the ability to harmonize the body and soul of man, and his surroundings , or can release and clean all "blocks" where necessary ....... C plays the family from adverse influences and negative energy.  A tailor-made mandala communicates with its owner  on an off-sensory level and at the same time without any doubts shows the way of life :-)  At the same time, it harmonizes with cleaning  and since it has no beginning or no end, it intensely brings man closer to the essence of being and the source itself. He has  strong energy impact on humans  on an unconscious level and already in its very observation occurs  soul satisfaction, harmonization and internal balance.  Adjusts to the right ones  VIBRATIONS,  cultivates feelings, improves mood and enriches survival.  Her  EXCEPTIONAL energy  contributes to the creation of  perfect HARMONY home ❤️ 


... I create mandalas above all  custom: MANDALS PERSONAL, FAMILY, PARTNERSHIP, WEDDING, corporate, .... mandalas by date of birth and name, by sign, .... mandalas for children in the room, .... mandalas LOVE, HAPPY, HEALTH ,. .., Abundance of everything, HARMONY, ...... mandalas to protect, promote mental balance, love life, but also mandalas to attract wealth, prosperity, success or career support .... ...... simply  peace mandalas  according to what a person needs for life, what he wants .......)  in different colors, sizes ..... My creation mandala is  A COMPREHENSIVE process of coming from the inner sight, the perception of the "invisible" subtle energies around us,  some  "Connecting" to the higher self .... and energy connecting with you ........ and through sacred geometry, energy "laws", ..... activation of the necessary high-frequency energy codes, with a combination of suitably tuned colors, symbols, shapes ......... gradually arises  Your MANDALA.  Every single mandala I create has its own unique  energy radiation , it is original  UNIQUE, precisely reworked, composed of several 1000 to tens of 1000 dots and dots, ..... made to measure  for a specific person, couple, family, ..... according to individual needs and wishes, ...  It takes time to create to fulfill its "magical" effects.-)  therefore the price and the number of days of creation to order are individual , they depend mainly on the required size, material used, and thus the number of days to several weeks of intensive, time and energy intensive work, ..... I always devote only one mandala for a specific person, couple, family ...... on which  I supply subtle energies before and during creation, .... "I feel" and put them into the mandala  everything necessary ... until the mandala is completely finished and thus meets all its energy effects ...... To the mandala  the owner will also receive a "cover letter", ... a description of what it all contains, how to cooperate with the mandala, "communicate", ..... where to hang it, ..... so that its power is activated as much as possible


All the mandalas you see in my gallery, already have their owners, have been made to measure. The photos are for inspiration. If any of them caught your eye, don't hesitate, it's the RIGHT one  MANDALA  for you, CHOOSE you. Just write to me and we will agree everything.

I create mandalas from the smallest formats 30-35 cm to large formats 100-150 cm on high-quality cotton canvas, framed in a "blind" frame. 


Before ordering and for more info, please contact me by e-mail, where we will agree on the details of the creation, THANK YOU :-)



© Jarka Fox

FAMILY MANDAL tailored-energetic image, an original gift for the whole family

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