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About the artist JARKA FOX

JARKA FOX is an international artist born in a beautiful small country in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. ART has always belonged to her life. She´s been painting and creating since her childhood. As a child and teenager with natural attitude for art she created every free time she had, experimented with whatever materials she came to hand. Her life story is as colourful as her artworks..... She attended a private art school, gradually studied different subjects at 3 universities. During her studies and then she was travelling a lot, searching herself, trying many different jobs such as a photomodel, hostess,performer, waitress, sales manager,travel agent, trip manager, animator, publisher, scriptwriter,translator,creative director, project manager,teacher,mentor, headmaster, managing director,......., and other ones, sometimes not very creative, even boring for her, sometimes challenging and exciting ones,giving her a lot of fantastic life experiences which she uses now also in her art.....In that time dhe often felt that what she did,....was not fully „HER“. She always missed something she says..........,mostly “had to listen" to others,did the things which were expected from her.......She realised that she needed to change it as soon as possible,....otherwise she would be ”dying” slowly........ and several years ago, after overcoming some hard life "exams",....there was the right time not to had to change it,.....there was no time to wait any longer......just to decide....... from day to day she quit her last jobs in a positions of a school headmaster and managing director and decided to devote herself full time to what she´s always really been passionate about - to painting and creating ART and it was the best decision she has ever done, as she says: „ART is ME, my LOVE, my LIFE, my PASSION, everything....simply I was born to LIVE, LOVE and CREATE......❤️ .......when I create, I feel free like a bird that can fly anywhere.First I have a vision, dream or just unspeakable feeling,....then I just have to go to my atelier and paint everything on canvas,...completely losing myself in that :-) It´s a fascinating process, full of freedom, love, passion,.... :-)

Jarka focuses mostly on acrylic media based in abstract design with loose brushwork, extensive use of palette knives and her own hands. The intended result is a painting with movement and strong energy, rich in colors, texture,and light 3D feel that draws the viewer deep into the painted image.Her art describes an image of certain moments of life, representing different emotions and feelings indirectly expressed through colours and balanced harmoniuos forms.Diversity of her themes is extremely wide but her most inspiration comes from the world around that she perceives with all her senses. She doesn´t use just one "style" ,her styles include modern abstract art, cityscapes, landscapes,figurative art , portraits,floral art,animal paintings,spiritual and Feng shui art, Mandala art,Energetic art, and many more others........ She explains this diversity like this: “I don't have any specific style, topic or subject in my art. There's so much out interesting around us to focus only on one subject......” In last years she is also interested in creating highly energetic paintings - MANDALAs to "guide" people to bring about feelings of balance, harmony, peace, love ,....and other higher heal and positively energize their souls and bodies, awaken their inner guidance, develop their intuition and bring healing on their spiritual journey through the beauty of art and her magic transform and empower the spaces in which these artworks are hung and those who view them .... and much more..... Her creative process explores this kind of art as a powerful healing tool for inspiring other people to develop their imagination, creativity, intuition and spirituality. Each her mandala is an energetic "tool" with a powerful vibration delivering self-empowering messages connected to human being´s soul, a channel between people and the magic of the universe. For more info about her magic mandalas you can check out this page:

"My art has a special mission for all human beings,...... mostly to spread LOVE,positive vibes, faith,peace,.....all around the world, "shift" and INSPIRE people to "wake up",open their hearts,come together and LIVE ........and........LOVE.....and CREATE their wonderful lives on this amazing planet..... I talk through my art, having a dialogue between myself and the canvas and ........the viewers can feel it. Sometimes they can understand my "language", .....sometimes they don´t,...but they open a new art is meant to have a heart and if it can make people happy,smile,positively inspire and updraft them,.........if the people really can feel the energy from my artworks.....enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them, I have accomplished my goal of evoking mutual connection…....:-)))) I believe that ART knows no borders, no barriers, no religions, no age or sex limitation. ART is here to build bridges that connect nations and melt the cultural diversity in one pot to create a universal language - the language of art. ......"

In 2010 Jarka Fox became a professional freelance artist, started to exhibit her art .Her artworks can be found in myriad public and private collections. Since her first solo exhibition in Luxembourg, her artworks have been exhibited at many solo and collective international exhibitions, art festivals in different countries all around the world , in Azerbajdzan, Kazachstan, the UAE, the USA, Australia, Brazil, India, South Korea,Vietnam, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt,Italy, Spain, Croatia,Luxembourg, France, Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in numerous online galleries in order to be presented to fine art lovers all over the world.......Recently she has obtained several valuable international awards such as " LEONARDO da VINCI AWARD", "ARTIST of the YEAR 2020, "ART PRIZE BOTTICCELLI".

Jarka is also a member of several international art societies such as ISAP (International Society of Acrylic painters), AAA ( Academy of Ambitious Artists), Artist Unite, WCA (World Contemporary Artists) a ISA (International Society of Artists) a co-organizer of many international art symposiums and exhibitions. Since 2001 she´s been teaching Art, Esthetics, Drawing and Painting, organizing interesting ART workshops and projects, providing private art classes, art-therapies and coaching ​ Now she currently lives and creates alternately in Europe, in her birthplace Slovakia or travels a lot around the world, depending on where her actual art activities are....

... for additional info feel free to contact the artist directly on her mail: or through FB :

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