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International exhibitions in Kazachstan and Spain

Dreams come true, my dear friends.

I am so happy to announce that these two paintings have been

chosen for the upcoming international exhibition "Academy of Ambitious Artists" in Kazachstan- at first the art tour will be held in Almaty,on the 25th January 2017, then in February 5, 2017 will open the door exhibition of paintings in Astana, in the largest Asian Galleries “The Artline Astana”. March 1, 2017 our tour will lead all in the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona. Exhibit space will be one of the largest jewellery centers- The Diamond Palace. On the start of the creative tour-2017, as well as all information about the project will be announced at a press conference in January 2017 in the city of Almaty.

At the end of our tour in Barcelona creativity will be held March 7 international auction, a live broadcast, you can look at the website of our media partner "Dobrye vesti".

The project «Academy of Ambitious Artists», we will leave its mark in the history of art and the development of international culture.

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