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         MAGICAL MANDALA at your home contributes to the PERFECT HARMONY of your home ...



MAGICAL MANDALS - high-vibration energy and harmonization works

PERSONAL, FAMILY, PARTNERSHIP, WEDDING MANDALS, ..... CORPORATE, .... mandalas by date of birth and name, by sign, .... mandalas LOVE, HAPPINESS, ...... to support the love life, ..... mandalas HEALTH, protect, promote mental balance, fertility, ... healing, ... mandalas to promote wealth, prosperity, success and career ..... mandalas of INFINITE ABULITY of everything at "PEACE" "CREATED for everyone according to what a person needs for life, in various colors and sizes ...

EXCEPTIONAL energy of a tailor made for you contributes to the creation of a PERFECT HARMONY of your home ..... mandalas understand any interior and style, so they can be an exceptional decoration of any home .. .... as your mandala blooms in your home , may your SATISFIED, HAPPY and COMFORTABLE life "flourish" in LOVE, HARMONY, HEALTH and ABUNDANCE of everything ..... ❤️


Dear friends, let me introduce you to my creation of mandalas, ...

...  I have been intensively researching their effects on humans for almost 10 years now, with positive feedback and results from my clients, ...... thousands of mandalas created for thousands of people ..... This is evidenced not only by valuable international awards ( "Leonardo da Vinci Award 2020,2022", "Artist of the Year 2020" ..., which my creation mandalas received abroad, .... but especially wonderful responses, emails, messages from all of you who already have your mandalas at home and you enjoy them ...., .. I am extremely grateful and happy to have been present to the wonderful "energetic connections" with you, to hear from you beautiful stories of how your mandala has changed your life for the better, what all the wonderful It has happened and is going on in your life since you have your mandala at home ... how it supports and "leads" you in different areas of life. I do, it makes invaluable ...



Would you believe that everything I have created with my hands so far has come true ???
I believed a
  "MIRACLES" they really happened and they always happen :-) And not only me, but also all those for whom I created works with my hands :-) I have fulfilled my most beautiful dreams, I am fulfilling others .... and one of them is to fulfill dreams as well I want to share with you my infinite positive energy, strength, joy, faith and LOVE, which I put into every single work, tailored to you, so that the sun is constantly "shining", health, happiness "flourishes" , love, harmony and endless abundance of everything needed .....


It is  COMPLEX CREATIVE PROCESS , ....... not only "ordinary painting" mandalas ..... :-)

On my way in life, I have experienced a strong ACTIVATION of my energy skills, which I now make full use of in creation ......... it is a unique creation process, created by me, ..... WORKING with higher ENERGIES and frequency ... .when I come from the inner sight, the perception of the "invisible" subtle energies around us, the "connection" to the higher self, the mutual energetic "connection" with the energies of light and with you, with the person for whom I am creating a mandala .... and through energy "laws", laws of space, nature, ...... encryption and insertion of the desired codes, .... the necessary high-vibration loving energy into the mandala, in a combination of sacred geometry, suitable symbols, forms ..... alchemy of special colors , .....

........... and gradually arises  MAGIC MANDALA tailor-made .......... ❤️

.... during the creation, the "outer" world stops, wonderful inspirations "from above" come and I feel my hand "something" extraterrestrial "leads ... I will consciously feel every single dot on your mandala .... imagining how this uplifting, loving energy you will feel when you meet your mandala .... Every single mandala has its own unique energy radiance, .... it is an original UNIQUE , just like every single one of us, ... .precisely reworked, composed of a number of several 1000 to tens of 1000 dots and dots, .... which is quite time and energy consuming creation, therefore each mandala really needs its "individual" time to create! To increase the required energy effects, ....... the colors I use in the creation, I mix myself, are "charged" during the creative process with precious energy stones, crystals and minerals such as amethyst, rosewood, citrine, ruby, emerald, gold, silver ,. .. crystal, shungite, agate, amber, hematite, .... and others as needed by ....... I always devote myself to the creation of only one mandala for a specific person, couple, family .... on whose energy I "feed" before and during the creation, .... "I feel" and put into it everything necessary .... or "we solve", "cleanse", we harmonize with the client everything that is needed, during the whole process of creation ...... until the mandala is completely completed ... in order to meet its needs  effects .-)

The most beneficial secret of such a mandala is hers  MAGIC EFFECT , may be able to change human lives almost immediately ❤️

.... has the ability to harmonize the body and soul of man, dwelling, with its vibrations can support you in various aspects of being, addresses your light nature, or can release "blockages" where necessary, deepens "cleansing" ... so to be able to cope with her strong vibrations and what he "shares" everything .... he wants to "tell" you .... he guides you, he shows you the way of life, he assists in the phases of "ascension" .... he can connect with Your inner fire, give you life energy, strength and courage to take the necessary steps in your life and thus consciously create your life according to yourself. It can support you and connect with the light of your soul and thus direct you ..... it can serve literally as

Yours  TALIZMAN  for protection, support in all areas of life and the influx of abundance of all desirable.

A tailor-made mandala speaks to you in "special languages" on a multidimensional energy level ...... and gradually, through unification with it, you become a powerful CREATOR . You will also receive a "cover letter" in case of interest, prepared directly for you, ..... a description of what it all includes, ... how to "cooperate" with the mandala, communicate, ... where to hang it best. activate her power as much as possible

For me, the meaning of mandalas is not only a sacred circle, but literally
a SACRED MIRACLE that works wonders on all levels of our bodies. It is like a "cleaner" which, with its loving and peaceful radiance, dissolves all our deposits. And not only those that we know about and that we want to be dissolved, but also those that have not yet manifested, we do not know ..., which reside deep within us and are the cause of our worries, afflictions, diseases. Mandala communicates with us on an extrasensory level and sometimes very uncompromisingly and at the same time without any doubt shows us our way of life. All you have to do is "listen" ..... By cleaning it harmonizes at the same time and since it has no beginning or end, it intensively brings us closer to our essence of being and the source itself. of our soul and the acquisition of inner balance. Mandalas as regular shapes develop from the center outwards and show our origin and extinction, the cycle of life, at the same time reminding us that what is inside is also outside ....

......... tune in to the right VIBRATIONS, cultivate feelings, improve mood and enrich our experience.

They bring joy to life, support to improve and perfect our "inner being", "raise" our consciousness.

Today we find a huge number of different mandalas on the Internet from different authors ..., .... Some mandalas interest us so much that we can not take our eyes off them, .... we feel as if they are literally "communicating" with us. Some of us, at first glance, "do not like, do not want us" ..... It is according to what our soul, our heart, body are just asking .... whether consciously or unconsciously .... it is not "coincidence" ...... I really recommend to be guided by the heart when choosing .... and if one of the mandalas "literally catches your eye", it will appeal to you, .... do not hesitate, it is the RIGHT for you, she has chosen you for your needs and her energy❤️

.... just boldly ENTER my online gallery and let yourself be "carried away" by your heart and if by chance some mandala "addresses" you, "speaks" to you, ..... great :-), just tell me write and we will agree everything together .-)

Thank you, I wish you a beautiful viewing of the gallery and an even better time :-)  

With love, Jarka Fox ❤️

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                                                      MAGIC MANDALAs - high-vibrationional energetic and harmonizing artworks

PERSONAL, FAMILY, PARTNER, WEDDING MANDALAs,....mandalas created according to your date of birth and name, zodiac sign,....mandalas of LOVE and HAPPY LIFE, .... mandalas of HEALTH and HARMONY,HEALING mandalas.......for protection, to  support your mental balance, fertility,healing, ... FIRM mandalas to support wealth, prosperity, success and career ..... mandalas of INFINITE ABUNDANCE of everything created for everyone according to what a person needs in his/her life, different colors and sizes... ​


The EXCEPTIONAL energy of a custom-made mandala for you contributes to the creation of PERFECT HARMONY at your home..... mandalas get along with any interior and homestyle, therefore they can be an exceptional decoration for any home...


........just as your MAGIC MANDALA BLOSSOMs in your home , may your SATISFIED, HAPPY and WELL-BEING life "blooms" in LOVE, HARMONY, HEALTH and ABUNDANCE of everything....

for more information, contact me :-)

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