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MANDAL OF LOVE AND LIFE PARTNER ❤️is an energetic feng shui image, created "tailored" to a specific person according to individual needs, ...  with its energy and symbolism  strengthens all aspects of love  ❤️ Cleanses and opens the heart  at all levels. Brings to the heart  pure unconditional love.  It supports to attract the desired love, a life partner and a beautiful partnership. ❤️Already in the existing partnership  it promotes trust, harmony and encourages expressions of selfless sincere love.  MANDALA  it opens the hearts of both partners at all levels. It brings to their hearts  pure love and promotes a beautiful partnership, trust, harmony, harmony of partnersIt stimulates expressions of selfless love, strengthens empathy  and sensitivity of both partners.Intensive  connects both partners on a conscious and subconscious level and helps to equalize each other in the relationship.  strengthens the overall harmonizing and energy effect , cooperates with you on spiritual development and helps to achieve life goals.  strong harmonizing and energy effects.  He works with your "subtle" energies, directs and strengthens them .... adds to you  energy, purifies and energizes  , ...... adds hope, strength ..., .... helps you  "navigate" the way of life and lead to the desired goals. ... The mandala also removes negative energies and replaces them  loving vibrations. Strengthens empathy . It encourages accepting the need for change that is needed to improve life. He can "look for" unrequited feelings, heart pain and then transform dysfunctional and useless emotional states into  positive . It heals inner pain and suffering. If you haven't been able to accept love yet,  opens  Your heart first.❤️  When you have loved and lost love, it will relieve your grief, give you the necessary energy to go further, to go forward in life .... It will help you learn how to love yourself again and  he will literally breathe in a "new life", a positive loving energy  if you do not believe and think that no one can love you .... A person cannot accept the love of another person until he cannot love himself. This mandala will support you to understand why certain situations happen in your life, .. or they repeat, .. ... understand yourself, accept yourself, as you are with everything, trust yourself, and simply  BE here and now beautiful and beloved. The heart does not think, but knows .... ❤️This mandala is created in a wonderful combination of colors where  RED  Rebwaking up  life energy, creativity, empathy, attracts love to life , well-being, supports and supplies  joy of life, taste, new energy, .. It is the color of unquenchable enthusiasm, passion, sensuality, courage, optimism, romance, motivation  and achieving positive results.  WHITE on the mandala  harmonizes, heals ..... heart,  is excellent for "cleansing". Balances a  strengthens creativity, overall energy flow. He adds  vitality , clarity of mind, understanding, courage in making decisions in difficult situations and giving them the right perspective. It supports the achievement of balance within itself, dispels negative thoughts, brings the highest level of well-being and peace. It can alleviate all pain, at the same time cleanses and thus "heals" on a physical and mental level.  BLACK on mandala  It is the color of protection, courage and inner strength. It can help remove and get rid of everything old so that you can accept something new. It is associated with discipline, perseverance, patience.  It protects you from negative forces, energy and thoughts. In the center of the mandala blooms a lotus flower, considered  flower of happiness . Symbolizes energy for  happy, prosperous life in love and  harmonies  ❤️


Dear friends, if you are looking for something EXCEPTIONAL to your home or you are thinking about what an extraordinary SURPRISE GIFT your loved ones, family, parents, grandparents, wife, husband, children, girlfriend, boyfriend, .... newlyweds, acquaintances, ... or yourself ... for CHRISTMAS, WEDDING, BAPTISM, BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY or other important days or simply out of love, for gratitude, for pleasure .......... Reach for the original idea and choose A unique work of art-MAGICAL MANDAL tailored to love created by ❤️


All the mandalas you see in my gallery, already have their owners, have been made to measure. The photos are for inspiration. If any of them caught your eye, don't hesitate, it's the RIGHT one  MANDALA  for you, CHOOSE you. Just write to me and I will create a similar one, but tailor-made for you. 

I create mandalas from the smallest formats 30-35 cm to large formats 100-150 cm on high-quality cotton canvas, framed in a "blind" frame.


Before ordering and for more info, please contact me by e-mail, where we will agree on the details of the creation, THANK YOU :-)



© Jarka Fox


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